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Risk Management

Administers City's property, liability, workers compensation insurance and self-insurance program, and City's safety and loss program.

The Risk Management Division also processes claims against the City as well as property claims on City-owned property. Example of a claim against the city: Let's say a citizen comes into City Hall and slips on water on the floor. This would be considered a liability claim.

On the other hand, if a fire is started accidentally in City-owned property the resulting damages would be considered a property claim.

A Workers' Compensation claim is one where a City employee is injured while performing work for the City.

Volunteers are insured for injuries under an Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy.

Claims against the City

If you believe you have a reason to file a claim against the City of Arvada, you will need to submit a letter to the Risk Management Division.

This letter may be hand written or typed and must include the following information:

  • A clear statement that you are filing a claim against the City of Arvada;
  • A short synopsis or description of the incident;
  • Details surrounding the incident including the date, time, location of the incident; type and extent of damages; estimates for repairs or actual cost of items damaged; 
  • Police report number if applicable; 
  • Your current mailing address and phone numbers for both the daytime and evening hours;
  • Copies of any bills, estimates, or documents that apply to your claim; 
  • Your signature 

Mail your claim letter to:

City of Arvada
Attention: Risk Management
8101 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002

Contact Information

  •  Main Telephone Number: