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The Purpose of the City of Arvada Purchasing program is to provide the highest quality customer service in administering formal solicitations, researching sources, solving challenges, ensuring sound business controls and providing the best value for our customers.

Bidding Process

The City of Arvada does not register vendors for potential business in our system at this time. The City posts formal solicitations on the BidNet Direct E-Purchasing System. All pertinent information can be found on our Bidding Information page.

Ethical Practices

The City of Arvada is committed to exercising stewardship in its use and development of all resources in the most economical, efficient, and effective way. Ethics refers to established standards of right and wrong that prescribe what people ought to do, in relation to duties, principles, specific virtues, or benefits to society. The City of Arvada is a member of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and abides by that organization’s Code of Ethics, which can be reviewed on the NIGP website.

Shipments to the City of Arvada

The Purchasing Program operates a Central Stores and Receiving function located at:

5790 Garrison St. Arvada, CO 80002; Ph: 720-898-7095

Merchandise intended for City Hall and the City Hall Annex, and related staff, should be delivered to the above location.

Exceptions might include next-day and air/priority delivery, desk-top office supplies, and items intended for installation at the City Hall complex. These items may be addressed to the specific recipient's work location address.

Central Stores hours of operation are:
Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Purchasing Contact Information

  •  Main Telephone Number:
  • Email: