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Technology and Project Management Services

The purpose of the Technology and Project Management Services line of business is to provide project lifecycle and portfolio management, technology incident resolution, and design, print and mail services to City of Arvada Departments so they can achieve their FOCUS program or strategic results.  There are three programs that make up this line of business and each of them is outlined below.

Technology Project Management Program

The purpose of the Technology Project Management program is to provide technology project life cycle and portfolio management services to City of Arvada Departments so they can achieve the FOCUS Program or strategic results identified in the project charter.

Performance Measures:

  • 80%  of Technology Projects will involve the ITM Department at inception and throughout project lifecycle to ensure consistency and compatibility of systems
  • 50 Technology Projects completed
  • Program expenditure per staff hours spent on projects
  • Total hours spent by all resources working on managed projects

Technology Service Desk Program

The purpose of the Technology Service Desk Program is to provide priority level response services to Arvada City Departments so they can experience timely responses to their technology issue or request and resume conducting business with minimal delays.

Performance Measures:

  • 95% On-call Incident responses provided within 20 minutes
  • 95% Incident Responses which do not require a Re-Opened Incident Response
  • 80% Average Incident response assigned within 2 hours
  • 95% of High Priority Incident Responses provided within 15 minutes
  • Number of Incident responses provided
  • Program expenditures per incident response provided