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Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Division uses the Comprehensive Plan to guide planning, land use code decisions, development management, and informational and resource services that are delivered to residents, businesses, the development community, decision-making bodies, and neighborhood partners to achieve a well-planned, aligned, sustainable and livable community for current and future generations. 

Advance Arvada

The City of Arvada is updating the Land Development Code (LDC), which are the regulations that govern development in the city. The LDC affects all development and helps shape where you live, where you work and where you play. The current LDC was approved in 2008 and while there have been some updates, it has become out of date. A review of current issues is needed to make sure the LDC provides the best zoning and land use approaches for the future.

Plan Arvada

Plan Arvada includes City Plans such as: City Council City Strategic Plan, Arvada Parks System Master Plan, Blunn/Pioneer Master Plan,  Capital Improvement Plan, Comprehensive Plan, Olde Town Design Plan, Sustain Arvada Plan, Olde Town Parking and Transportation Demand Plan, Arvada Transit Framework Plan, and the Arvada Cultural Master Plan

Comprehensive Plan

The 2014 Comprehensive Plan articulates the community's shared values and vision. Goals and policies help guide development and investment decisions that influence the quality of life in Arvada. The Plan establishes the City’s land use pattern, sets the stage for development regulations and standards, and guides the City in funding programs and capital investments by anticipating future tax revenue. The Plan was prepared to conform to the requirements in the Colorado Revised Statues.

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