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Teen Services

Teen Services through Jeffco

Services for teens experiencing difficult life situations are offered through Jefferson County Mental Health Jefferson Center. In addition to an award-winning drop-in services center called The Road designed for youth ages 15 - 22, Jeffco Mental Health offers many other resources for the entire family. 

Arvada Municipal Court FAQs for Teens

  • Q:  I lost my ticket!  Can I get information by phone or email?
    A:  No.  Information regarding juveniles cannot be provided by phone or email.  You must appear in person to get information.
  • Q:  Can my parents come with me?
    A:  Yes, in fact, if you are under 18 years old, they must appear with you.
  • Q:  Does the Court provide resources to help teens experiencing difficulties?
    A:  Services for teens are offered through Jefferson County Mental Health Jefferson Center.