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Snow Buddies Program

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We are in need of volunteer snow buddies!

Helping a Resident in Need with Snow Removal

The winter season is upon us! Some of our seniors and disabled residents are unable to clear their sidewalks when snow fall is heavy. Through the City's Snow Buddies program, we match them with volunteers willing to help. Right now we have a long list of residents in need of help and a short list of volunteers available to help them.

If you can help, please fill in the requested information. We will try to match you with someone near or in your neighborhood. 

Please note: If you are in need of this service, we can put you on a "wait list" but we have a very limited # of volunteers available at this time. Please ask family members or friends to help or post a need for help on your individual neighborhood Nextdoor site. Many volunteers have expressed the desire to help in their neighborhoods.


Charise Canales, Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator: 720-898-7535;