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Neighborhood Block Party Trailer

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Once your neighborhood group is enrolled in the Neighborhood Engagement program, Neighbors Connected: Neighborhood Strong, you will have access to all our incentives including the Block Party Trailer. Visit the Neighbors Connected: Neighborhood Strong webpage to learn about and enroll in the new program.

Block Party Trailer Reservation Information

  • The Block Party Trailer is available to reserve for enrolled neighborhood groups only. Visit the Neighbors Connected: Neighborhood Strong webpage to learn about and enroll your neighborhood.
  • The trailer is available April to September, Friday - Sunday
  • There is NO charge for the use of the trailer.
  • Reservations for the trailer are made through the a third party rental company
    • Customer pick up: Transport of the trailer requires a ½ ton truck/SUV or larger. The rental company can provide a hitch.
    • Trailer delivery: Trailer delivery is available upon request, but is not guaranteed
  • Each group can reserve the Trailer once per year
  • Directions for how to reserve the Movie equipment will be provided upon successful enrollment in our neighborhoods program

What's in the Block Party Trailer?

  • 8 six foot folding tables
  • 4 folding picnic tables
  • 32 folding chairs
  • 4 ice chests
  • 3 water coolers
  • A variety of games

Additional Information

  • If you plan to close your street or hold your event in a public park, you will be required to complete a Block Party Permit application. If your event will be held on private property, you do NOT need to fill out a permit application.
  • The user of the Block Party Trailer assumes responsibility for the trailer and its contents from the time they receive it until it is returned.  
  • An inventory will be taken when the trailer is returned.  Please notify the City of anything that is missing or damaged.


City of Arvada Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator: Charise Canales