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City Charter Review

The City Charter is our most important legal document, describing the powers and essential functions of your local government. Like any foundational document, the Charter is periodically updated to ensure it evolves to meet the needs of the community.

What's Happening

Our Municipal Code requires a review of the Charter every ten years. As part of this process, the Arvada City Council appoints a committee to perform a comprehensive review of the City Charter and for making recommendations to the City Council for amendments, deletions or other changes to the Charter.

  • At the April 26 council workshop, Mark McGoff, the Chair of the Charter Review Committee, presented the Charter Review Committee Report to City Council. View Meeting video. The City team is developing next steps to support further council discussion. Updates will be provided as the work progresses.
  • Based on Council's feedback, the City Attorney's Office will draft a resolution for City Council's consideration and approval at a business meeting containing all suggested Charter revisions. (Public comment will be available.) 

  • If City Council approves the resolution, the issues will be included on the ballot for voter consideration as part of the November 2021 election. (Public comment will be available.) 

Your Role

​You have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Charter Review Committee, at meetings (register via or 720-898-7500), and as part of a City Council public hearing later this spring where councilmembers will discuss and potentially approve recommended amendments to the Charter. Your feedback will inform the discussion, recommendations and approvals of the committee and City Council.

Previous Actions

Committee Membership

The City Charter Review Committee includes 20 members who are registered voters within Arvada.  Review a list of members.