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Bob Fifer, Councilmember at-Large

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Since moving to Arvada in 2002, Bob has been actively involved with the community through youth activities and sports, Ralston House, the Arvada Community Food Bank, AVA Foundation, Historic Olde Town Arvada, Arvada Jefferson Kiwanis, Arvada Historical Society, and a graduate of the Transit Alliance Citizen's Academy.

Bob was elected to represent all of Arvada as an At-Large Councilmember in November 2011, in 2015 and again in 2017. He served as Mayor Pro Tem from 2015 - 2017. He immerses himself and advocates on behalf of citizens and organizations to strengthen our community.

Bob is in leadership within the telecommunication and information technology industry, focusing on engineering, complex and strategic telecom business opportunities and investments, product development and vendor management.

He is a recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award and the APEX Service Excellence Award.

He is currently the City Council representative to the following Boards and Committees:

  • Jefferson County Transportation Advisory and Action Committee (JEFFTAAG)            
  • Jefferson County Schools Coordination Committee
  • Adams County Economic Development Association
  • Adams County Mayors Caucus
  • Urban Drainage & Flood Control District Boardmember
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments:  Executive Committee, Performance & Engagement Chair, Governance Committee
  • Colorado Municipal League:  Vice Chair of Colorado FirstNet Governance Board
  • National League of Cities: Information Technology and Communications and the Hispanic Elected Local Officials Committee

Federal appointments representing towns and cities across the US:

  • Federal Communications Commission: Intergovernmental Advisory Committee

Previously, Bob served on other Boards and Commissions including:

  • Arvada Municipal Court/Judicial Committee
  • Arvada Fire Protection District Coordinating Committee
  • Arvada Golf Advisory
  • Arvada Council for the Arts and Humanities

Bob is married to RaChelle Fifer, and expresses great pride in having a wife who supports and encourages his civic duties to our community. Bob and RaChelle have three sons, who actively participate in local charities, sport teams and giving back to the community through their schools. Bob and RaChelle’s children are fifth generation Arvadans.

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