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Zoning regulations, that define how property in zone districts can be used, are included in the City of Arvada Land Development Code. The Land Development Code (LDC) specifies whether zones can be used for residential or commercial purposes. The LDC also regulates lot size, building placement, and much more. In general, zoning ordinances describe the acceptable use for certain areas of the City. They also describe procedures for land development and variances and whether a public hearing before the Planning Commission and City Council is required.


What is My Property Zoned?

If you are looking for zoning information about a specific property, use our Property and Address Search. If you are looking for a zoning map of the whole City, launch our Zoning District Interactive Map.

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Official Zoning Verification

To obtain an official Zoning Verification for a property in Arvada, send an email request to or call the Planning Counter at 720-898-7435 to receive assistance. An Official Zoning Verification letter will provide information regarding the zoning of a property, whether it is conforming to the Land Development Code and if any zoning violations exist. 


Please note that should additional documents such as certificates of occupancy, building permits, or other items be requested that require extensive research, an official Public Records Request will be needed. 

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