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Municipal Code

The City of Arvada uses Municode to publish the City's Code of Ordinances, supplement data, state law references, and much more! You can easily browse the City's code, track changes to it, and even sign up to be altered about changes. If you find copies of the City's code elsewhere, like in a PDF on the web, please be sure to check Municode for the most recent versions of any code. 



What is the Municipal Code?

The City Council--elected officials representing the citizens of Arvada--votes on ordinances.They may also vote on changes to existing ordinances.  Using Municode, you can see the history of any given ordinance. Historical information includes when an ordinance was adopted, when it became effective, and (in some cases) when it was changed or removed. Ordinances are laws passed by local governments. The City's Code of Ordinances addresses a wide range of topics. From land use and budgets to assaults and loitering, the City's code governs how the City operates, outlines how specific offenses are addressed, and much more. In many cases, the City's code builds on laws established by the State of Colorado.