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As described on the Project Purpose page, there are a number of important documents that affect this project and are useful to review. Look over the 2014 Arvada Comprehensive Plan, particularly the Future Land Use Map that identifies preferred land uses for areas in Arvada as well as for lands that could be annexed into the city. You can also view the current Land Development Code and the Land Development Code Assessment Reports from 2014 that recommend changes that should be made to the current Code. 

Background Documents

Council/Committee Presentations

 Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation, April 12, 2018 PDF

 Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation, February 15, 2018 PDF

 Advisory Committee Meeting Summary, February 15, 2018 PDF

 Council/Planning Commission Workshop Presentation, February 12, 2018 PDF

 Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation, December 7, 2017 PDF 

 Advisory Committee Meeting Summary, December 7, 2017 PDF

Council/Planning Commission Workshop Presentation, October 9, 2017 PDF

 Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation, September 14, 2017 PDF

 Advisory Committee Meeting Summary, September 14, 2017