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Advance Arvada (Land Development Code Update)

Connecting Code to Vision and Values

The City of Arvada is updating the Land Development Code (LDC), which are the regulations that govern development in the city. The LDC affects all development and helps shape where you live, where you work and where you play. The current LDC was approved in 2008 and while there have been some updates, it has become out of date. A review of current issues is needed to make sure the LDC provides the best zoning and land use approaches for the future.


Next Open House

The next open house regarding the remapping portion of the project is scheduled for December 19th from 6 to 8pm in the Atrium at City Hall.  Remapping of the City will implement the new zone districts identified in the proposed LDC.

Please stop by and provide your feedback!


 Review the 1st DRAFT of the Updated LDC 

The 1st DRAFT of the updated document was presented at an open house on September 12, 2019. The document is available for review by clicking the button below.  Comments on the 1st draft were accepted between September 13th and October 25th.

The 2nd draft of the proposed Code is anticipated to be released in Mid-December.  A comment period for the draft will be scheduled following the release date.


 View the 1st DRAFT of the updated LDC


Why Update the LDC?

The Arvada Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2014 following an extensive public process. It identifies a collaborative vision between the City and the community for Arvada’s land use, transportation, and neighborhood vitality for the next 20 years. We’re focused on updating the LDC so that it better reflects the vision of the Comprehensive Plan. To do this, we’ve named this project Advance Arvada so as to pair the vision and values expressed in the Comprehensive Plan with the updates to the LDC.  

Updating the LDC is a complex task and it will take two years to complete. To learn more about the steps in the process and details of the project, visit the Project Purpose and FAQs pages. We invite you to participate and provide comments throughout this process!




Implement the vision Identified in the 2014 Arvada Comprehensive Plan and other City plans that recognize the unique character of Arvada’s established neighborhoods, the important role of economic development, and the desire to maintain and enhance the city’s vibrancy.


The City Strategic Plan identifies several development-related actions, such as promoting compatible infill development in urban centers and corridors, responding to changing housing preferences by providing for a wide choice of housing types, and encouraging attainable housing for seniors.



Revised procedures for development project review will create more predictability and clarity.


The updated LDC will be easy to navigate, whether you’re a resident looking to remodel your house or a developer with a major residential or commercial project.


How To Get Involved


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