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Engineering Code of Standards and Specifications

The City of Arvada is currently accepting public comment on draft updated Engineering Standards and Specifications. Interested parties may review the draft code and provide comment on the City's engagement platform, Speak Up Arvada. This comment period will close on May 6, 2022.

The Engineering Code of Standards and Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements was adopted by the City and was made effective on January 12, 2016. Each section of the code and standards drawings are available below. The code book is available for purchase from the Engineering Division at City Hall for $50. For more information or questions please call the Engineering Division at 720-898-7640.

Complete Engineering Code

 Update Summary

 Table of Contents

Part I - General Conditions

 Section 1 - Definitions and Abbreviations

 Section 2 - Scope and Control of the Work

 Section 3 - Measurement and Basis of Payment

Part II - Construction Materials and Methods

 Section 5 - Demolition, Site Preparation, Excavation and Embankment

 Section 10 - Concrete

 Section 11 - Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement

 Section 12 - Surface Treatments

 Section 15 - Streets

 Section 20 - Excavation, Bedding, Backfill and Surface Restoration for Pipelines and Utility Trenches

 Section 25 - Sanitary Sewer and Drainage Lines

 Section 30 - Water Transmission, Distribution and Service Lines

 Section 35 - Industrial Piping, Equipment & Steel Tank Rehabilitation

 Section 36 - Chain Link Fences and Gates

 Section 40 - Irrigation Systems

 Section 45 - Plant Landscaping

 Section 50 - Traffic

Part III - Minimum Design Standards

 Section 95 - Construction Plan Submittal Requirements and Procedures

 Section 100 - Streets

 Section 105 - Drainage System Design

 Section 110 - Sanitary Sewers

 Section 115 - Water Distribution System

 Section 120 - Water Transmission Lines

Part IV - Standard Drawings

 Surface Drainage

 Sanitary Sewer and Drainage Lines



 Traffic Control


 Traffic Signal

 Water Distribution and Service