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Adopted Building Code

Current Adopted Building Code:

 2015 International Building Code  2015 International Residential Code
 2015 International Fuel Gas Code  2015 International Mechanical Code
 2015 International Plumbing Code  2009 International Property Maint. Code
 2015 International Energy Code  2015 International Fire Code
 2015 Existing Building Code  2017 National Electrical Code

Design Criteria

Wind Speeds: The wind speed for the City of Arvada are 136Vult from the Eastern city limit West to Highway 93. The wind speed for areas West of Highway 93 is 142Vult.

Wind Resistance of Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt shingles shall be installed in accordance with Section R905.2.6. Shingles classified using ASTM D 3161 is acceptable for use in wind zones 110 MPH (49 m/s) or less. Shingles classified using ASTM 3161 Class F, are acceptable for use in all cases where special fastening is required.

Exposure Category: The building official may accept an exposure classification from a qualified engineer, licensed with the state, if a detailed analysis of site conditions adjacent to the proposed project or structure is provided to support the engineer's recommendation. If an engineer's analysis is not provided, an exposure classification of "C" shall be used.

Snow Loads: Design snow loads for this jurisdiction are: roof snow load = 30 psf (1.44 kN/m2); ground snow load = 25 psf (1.2 kN/m2).