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Municipal General Contractor

Who Needs a Municipal General Contractor License (Right of Way)

General public improvements, consisting of construction, reconstruction and remodeling of storm drains, irrigation ditches, fire lines, sewer and water lines, sewer and water mains, curb and gutters, sidewalks, streets, potholing, boring, traffic-control devices and similar improvements which are constructed on public rights of way, easements and other public property, and utility services on private property between the property line and the building require a licensed Municipal General Contractor to pull a permitschedule an inspection and pass the required inspections.

How to Apply

Complete the application and submit it with the required documents to or mail to City of Arvada Engineering, 8101 Ralston Rd. Arvada, CO 80002

Required Documents

1. Completed application.

2. Municipal bond form with power of attorney.

3. Insurance and workman's compensation certificates with City of Arvada listed as additional insured.

4. Affidavit form.

5. License fee of $200

Paying for the license

The fee for this license is $200. You can mail your completed application along with all required documents and a check to City of Arvada Engineering, 8101 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO 80002. If you prefer to email your required documents and pay the fee with a credit card please make a note of that on your email and our staff can call you for payment once processed and approved. 


For questions please call 720-898-7640