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Step 1: Your Pre-Application

Create an eTRAKiT Account and Login to the Site

Online (eTRAKiT)


Visit eTRAKIT to get started.

City planning staff are available at the main counter located on the second floor in City Hall.

Submit Your Pre-application Meeting Request

 Tip: Providing more detailed information with your pre-application submittal will allow us to provide a more specific response during the meeting.

Complete the online pre-application form and attach:

  • A detailed description of your project.

  • A conceptual plan of your project.

  • Questions to be addressed during the pre-application meeting.

Schedule and Attend Pre-Application Meeting

The pre-application meeting is intended for landowners and developers, and their consultants, who are interested in developing within the City of Arvada. It provides an introduction to the City’s development review process, details for submittal, review and approval requirements along with a detailed time frame for each step of the process.

Once your pre-application form has been accepted, you will be contacted via email within one business day to schedule your pre-application meeting date and time. There is no fee associated with this meeting. A designated planner will be assigned to your project to serve as your point of contact as you proceed through the development review process.

At the Pre-Application Meeting

You will be provided with information regarding the development application including:

  • Forms and fees (application, utility, school and park fees)

  • The review process steps including requirements for public hearings

  • What Types of Review will be required for your project

  • Traffic Impact Analysis report requirements

Representatives involved with the review of your project may be at the pre-application meeting to provide information for you to prepare a formal submittal of a development application for your project. Staff members will document meeting notes and the City’s general requirements in the eTRAKiT system. You will be able to access this information by logging into your eTRAKiT account.

Your Development Review Team

In addition to your designated Planner, the Development Review Team may include a Civil Engineer, Traffic Engineer, Parks Representative, Building Official, an Arvada Economic Development Association representative, and an Arvada Fire District representative based on the details of your proposal.