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Tournament on Athletic Field

Tournament Organizers: Before You Begin

Requesting athletic field only: If you are a tournament organizer wishing to reserve an athletic field, please complete Step 1. 

Requesting athletic field WITH food truck/other vendors present:
 If you are a tournament organizer reserving an athletic field AND wish to have a food truck or other vendors at your event, you must complete Steps 1, 2 and 3.

If you are a tournament organizer hosting a sports tournament in Arvada, field-use must be scheduled through the Apex PRD.

Step 1) Schedule Field through Apex PRD

The following athletic fields are available for athletic tournaments:  

  • Long Lake Regional Park
  • Stenger Soccer Complex
  • Youth Memorial Complex 
  • Harold Lutz Sportz Complex 
  • Pioneer Park 

 Book Field through Apex PRD



Step 2) Use of Food Trucks/Other Vendors 

If you are a tournament organizer hosting a tournament on an athletic field, AND you wish to have food trucks or other vendors present at the tournament, the following requirements MUST be met:

  • Please Note: We do not find or provide the food trucks. The tournament organizer is required to find and schedule the food trucks. 
  • Food trucks must be pre-arranged. They are NOT allowed to just show up.
  • Food trucks and other vendors must be licensed and permitted in the City of Arvada. 
  • Only two food trucks allowed per day, per tournament.
  • Very specific Rules, Regulations and fees apply to the use of food trucks/other vendors. Please review   Rules and Regulations. You will be required to sign the request form confirming that you have done so. 

Step 3) Request Form for Use of Food Trucks/Other Vendors

This form is required to request the presence of a food truck (arranged separately by the tournament organizer) at the tournament--not a request for us to provide a food truck. The required request form must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to tournament date, and payment is due no later than three days prior to tournament date.  Please fill out the form and acknowledge that you have read the rules and regulations.


Request Form


Download the  Request Form and return by mail or in person to: 

Barbara Sadler, Hospitality Administrative Coordinator, Arvada Events
6901 Wadsworth Blvd. Arvada, CO  80003


If you are a tournament organizer with questions regarding the use of food truck/other vendors, please contact Barbara Sadler at

Information for Food Truck/Other Vendors:

If you are a food truck or other vendor wanting to be present at a tournament on an athletic field, the following requirements must be met.

If you have other questions about food truck or other vending, please contact Planning and Zoning at 720-898-7435.