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Engineering Permits and Inspections


Permits are required for construction within any public street or easement and require a minimum of 2 business days for processing. Permits that are complex or include multiple locations may require up to 5-7 business days for processing. 

You must have a current municipal contractor license and be in good standing with the City of Arvada to apply for and obtain a permit.  We do not allow general contractors to obtain permits for their sub-contractors, each contractor working in the right of way must have their own permit.

The Engineering Division has several different types of right of way permits. These are: 

  • ROWYARD Permit - A ROWYARD permit is required for water and sewer installs or repairs in yard only
  • Development Permit Applications - A Development permit is for work in the right of way or easement that includes asphalt patching, flatwork, paving, milling, traffic control devices, wet tap and wet utilities for any development in the City of Arvada that has been approved by the Development Engineer for construction. A Traffic Control contractor that is setting up traffic control only must submit a Traffic Control Contractor Form.
  • Public Improvement Permit (sewer repair in street, flatwork repair, asphalt patching for homeowner or business owner) - A public improvement permit is required for any utility work, flatwork or patching repairs in the right of way for a homeowner or business owner. A traffic control plan must be submitted with these permit applications.
  • Dry Utility Permit - A dry utility permit is required for all contractors doing work for Xcel, Qwest, and cable companies in Arvada. 
  • Traffic Control Access Only - This permit is for contractors doing landscape, tree trimming, fencing, etc. that need traffic control set up in the City of Arvada street but not disturbing right of way.

How to Submit Permits

Development Permit Applications

All Development Permit applications and traffic control plans must be emailed to We will work with the developer and contractor to have these routed for approval before your scheduled pre-construction meeting. Once this meeting has been held these permits can be paid for and inspections scheduled.

Public Improvement Permit

A fully completed permit application and supporting documents including traffic control plans, can be dropped off at Engineering, second floor of City Hall, 8101 Ralston Road. Complete applications and traffic control plans for these types of  permits can also be emailed to The applicant will be notified as soon as the permit is ready to be signed and paid for. 


These permits can be submitted and paid for by credit card online by logging into your contractor account at using your AEC# and password (AEC# is your username). These can also be submitted and paid for at Engineering, second floor of City Hall, 8101 Ralston Road. If paying by cash or check you will need to pay in person during normal business hours at the Engineering counter. These can not be applied for by email.

Dry Utility 

These permits must be submitted online at

Scheduling an Inspection

Scheduling for right of way inspections must be done online. This can be completed at any time up until 6am on the day of requested inspection by logging into your contractor account. Please visit