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Documents and Downloads

The following documents are intended to be used during the development review process. If you cannot find a document that you need, or need more information about any of the resources herein, please contact Community Development at 720-898-7435.

Development Guides

Application Submittal Guides

Get essential facts about different application processes including overviews, approval criteria, and submittal checklists. For Arvada Fire and Protection District standard notes CLICK HERE

  •  Annexation 
    • Annexation is the process by which cities extend their services and authority to an adjacent territory. If your development project is located on an unincorporated parcel of land, you may petition to have your property annexed by the City.
  •  Conditional Use 
    • If your development project has unusual site development features, or has widely varying operating characteristics, a Conditional Use Permit may be required. Specific uses requiring a Conditional Use Permit can be found in Article 5 of the Land Development Code. A Conditional Use Permit allows for public review and evaluation to help ensure that proposed site uses will not have an adverse impact on the community. 
  •  Final Subdivision Plat 
    • A Final Subdivision Plat is a map of a land subdivision prepared in a form suitable for filing of record with necessary affidavits, dedications, and acceptances, and in conformance with the requirements of the Land Development Code. 
  • Landscape Plans 
    • A landscape plan is required for most projects within Arvada. The Land Development Code provides specific rules and regulations for landscaping for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This guide should be used for creating these plans. 
  •  Minor Subdivision Plat 
    • A minor subdivision is one consisting of five or fewer lots. Boundary and lot line adjustments, subdivisions that create individual townhouse lots, utility easement vacations, and individual duplex (or single-family attached lots) in a multi-family development may also be eligible for Minor Subdivision platting. 
  •  Neighborhood Meetings 
    • The City of Arvada promotes citizen participation in the development review process. Neighborhood meetings are required for annexations, rezoning, preliminary subdivision, planned unit development (PUD) preliminary development plans, height exceptions and conditional use permits. Neighborhood meetings may also be required for other types of developments that may have significant impact on a surrounding area. 
  •  Preliminary Plat 
    • A Preliminary Plat is a map of a proposed land subdivision showing the character and proposed layout of land in conformance with the requirements of the Land Development Code.
  •  Site Plan 
    • A Site Plan is the proposed layout of a lot showing all elements of the site development as well as utility and drainage lines, and existing buildings, structures, trees, and vegetation. 
  •  Statistical Development Fact Sheet
  •  Subdivision General Requirements, Title Blocks and Certificates 
    • This document is applicable to Minor Subdivision Plat and Final Subdivision Plat
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Zoning or Rezoning 
    • The City of Arvada is divided into zone districts that regulate the use of properties. When an unincorporated property is annexed into the City, an initial zoning will be required. If a property owner or developer wishes to develop the property for something not allowed under its current zoning district, a rezone is required. Zoning and rezoning requests are reviewed for consistency with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, as well as existing surrounding zoning and land uses. 

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Reference Guides

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning district allows projects of innovative design and layout that would not be permitted under the Land Development Code because of the strict application of each zoning district or general development standards.

Historic District Reference Guides

Olde Town Arvada

Historic Olde Town Arvada is treasured for its unique ambiance and character, which is why the Arvada City Council adopted the Design Guidelines for Olde Town Arvada to preserve the atmosphere of Olde Town.

Reno Park Addition

The Reno Park Addition is one of Arvada’s residential historic districts. The Arvada City Council adopted the Design Guidelines for Reno Park to help preserve the character of the area as well as to provide best management practices in historic preservation.

Miscellaneous Forms

  •  Severed Mineral Rights
  • MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) Management Base Design Standards and Exemptions Forms
    • All developments that disturb one acre or more must complete the Base Design Standards Form to show compliance with new State water quality requirements. The Exemptions Form primarily applies to Capital Improvement Projects, but has been provided here for your information and is also a part of the new State water quality requirements.
  • Water Rights Questionnaire
  • Plat Checklist

Variance and Minor Modification

Variances and Minor Modifications are available to projects seeking relief from some development or parking standards. Minor Modifications are deviations up to 20% from the regulation and are approved by City staff. Variances are deviations above 20% and require a public hearing.