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Develop in Arvada

This online handbook will guide you through the four step development review process in the City of Arvada. You will find detailed information, helpful hints, resources, and answers to common questions for each phase of development. If you would prefer to print the resources, please download the 2019 Developer Handbook and Bluebeam Document Management guide. 

In This Guide

The Development Review Process

Development Review Resources



The City of Arvada utilizes eTRAKiT, an online software tool, to facilitate the development review process. Visit and follow instructions to create your online account. This system provides access for you to:

  • Submit your pre-application and application electronically
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Review and address comments
  • Interact with your designated planner

  eTRAKIT Application



Property Information

Visit to find property information, current zoning, and much more.

Land Development Code

Go to to access the City of Arvada’s Land Development Code (LDC) and a glossary of terms.

City of Arvada Engineering Code of Standards and Specifications

Go to to review the requirements for the design and construction of public improvements.



Community and Economic Development Divisions