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Administrative Fee Schedule for Building and Right of Way Permits

New fee schedules for Building Permits, Right of Way permits, and Development fees has been approved by City Council. The new fee schedule will go into effect on January 1, 2019.

Building Permit Fees

Each year, the Building Division is required to analyze fees based on a predetermined method using the International Code Council Building Valuation Data and applying the RS Means Construction Cost modifier for Denver.  This calculation results in an updated cost per square foot minimum valuation.  The square foot valuation is applied to the total square footage of the building and the total valuation is then used to calculate permit fees.  The result of the calculation for 2019 resulted in a per square foot cost increase of 3-7% depending on the Type of Construction and Occupancy of a building.  For single family homes, the valuation increase for 2019 is 4.4%.  When this valuation is used in the fee calculation, the overall increase in fees for this single family home is 3.8-4.1% depending on fee bracket and rounding of the valuation to the next $1,000 per the calculation.  Use Tax will increase proportionally with valuations by 4.4%.
Flat fees for installation or replacement of mechanical or plumbing equipment and similar flat fees, which have remained unchanged for more than a decade, have also been increased this year.  In many cases the increase is 5% or an increase of $2.00 from $40.00 to $42.00.  Additional after hours and hourly rates have been changed to reflect the actual costs of staff time and overhead.
For questions on the proposed Building Permit fee schedule, please call 720-898-7620.

Rights of Way Fees

As part of the fee adoption, construction within the Rights of Way have been evaluated. The fees will be review to make sure that the fees for permitting will be reasonably related to the costs inherent in managing the public rights-of-way, these costs include, but are not necessarily limited to, the costs of permitting rights-of-way occupants, verifying rights-of-way occupation, mapping rights-of-way occupations, review and approval of a traffic control plan, inspecting job sites and rights-of-way restorations, and costs incurred by the city relating to the degradation of the rights-of-way.

Since the last adopting of a fee schedule for work in the public rights-of-way a significant increase in costs associated with processing, managing and inspecting has occurred. As a result new Traffic Control and Inspections fees have been added to reasonably cover the cost inherent in managing the public rights-of-way as well as some minor increases/decreases to better align with costs. Most fees are remaining constant with the currently assessed fees.


For questions on the proposed Rights of Way fee schedule, please call 720-898-7640.