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Historic Property Survey

In 1997 an intensive historic property survey was completed for approximately 120 acres of land in the southeast portion of Arvada, recording a total of 311 resources. The survey resulted in the establishment of three National Register Historic Districts: Arvada Downtown Historic District, Reno Park Historic District and Stocke-Walter Historic District. Many changes have occurred in the 16 years since the 1997 survey including renovations, additions, new construction, demolitions, and modifications that may have affected the historic integrity of the resources. A current survey is needed to provide up to date and accurate information. The intensive survey the properties within the historic districts and Olde Town zoning district were be completed in the first phase of the project.  All intensive survey forms can be accessed from the Historic Property Survey Map: Historic Property Survey Application

The second phase of the project involves identifying mid-century modern resources that may be historically significant and to explore the potential benefit of future intensive surveys of identified resources as well as the potential for the nomination of additional historic districts. This consisted of a reconnaissance survey (also known as a windshield survey) of the Alta Vista and portions of the Allendale neighborhoods.   These survey forms are included in the Survey Report, Exhibit E.  Contact the Community Development Department for the information in this Exhibit.

Project Contact

The Historic Property Survey Project is being administered by the Planning Division of the Community Development Department. For more information about the project, please contact:

Cheryl Drake

Senior Planner