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Update Home Business License

Effective February 15, 2021: In preparation of moving to MUNIRevs, our new paperless, tax collection and business licensing system, business license applications and changes cannot be processed in our current system. You may submit your information now, but all information will be held for processing until after March 1. Alternatively, you may wait to submit your business license requests in the new system beginning on March 1, 2021. A link will be provided when the new system is available.

Please fill out and submit the form, below, to update your home business license. If you have any questions or concerns during the process, please contact us at 720-898-7100.

Online filing and payment processing is mandatory.


Business Information

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If you are a massage therapist, email a copy of your DORA Certificate to

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Business Directory Listing

Please in the Arvada Economic Development Association business directory. I understand that the business directory will only include my business name, address, phone number and website. Home based businesses will not include a business address.

By signing this form, you are agreeing to the following: "I declare, under penalty of perjury, (1) that this application has been examined by me, (2) the statements are made in good faith pursuant to the City of Arvada tax laws and regulations and to the best of my knowledge and belief, are true, correct and complete, and (3) I am lawfully present in U.S. and will provide evidence of lawful presence if requested."


To sign this form, please type your first and last name in the box above.

Arvada's Municipal Code on Home Occupations

Division 3-1-5 Business Use of the Home

3-1-5-1 Home Occupation
A. Generally. Use of dwelling units for home occupation purposes shall conform to the standards of this Section. A home occupation shall be allowed only when it is an accessory use to a residential dwelling unit.
Table 3-1-5-1: Home Occupations Standards
Topic Standard
Employees on Site Inhabitants of the dwelling unit plus up to 1 additional employee who does not reside in the dwelling unit.
Customers, Clients, or Students Maximum number based on the amount of off-street parking available on the property.
Multiple Home Occupations More than one Home Occupation may occur, but the provision for the number of employees, customers, clients or students shall be applied to the combined total of all Home Occupation activities and not to each Home Occupation individually.
Hours of Operation as to On-Site Customers, Clients, or Students 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location(s) on Lot All business activities shall be conducted in the principal building or a permitted accessory building.
Separate Building Entry Allowed only if required by law or regulation.
Building Alterations
or Property Modifications
There shall be no alterations or change in the residential character or external appearance of the dwelling unit and its associated accessory buildings that indicates the presence of the home occupation from off-site.
Stock in Trade
or Commodities
Stock in trade or commodities may be sold on the premises if created on the premises; stock in trade or commodities may be sold off-premises (e.g., internet sales) regardless of location of creation.
Outside Work Any noise caused or generated by conduct of a home occupation shall not create a noise disturbance, as defined in the Chapter 38 of the Arvada Code of Ordinances.
Storage of Materials There shall be no outdoor storage on the premises of material or equipment used as part of the home occupation.
Parking All parking requirements shall be met on-site. No more than 60 percent of the front yard area shall be impervious surface or utilized for parking.
Signage One non-illuminated sign one square foot in area, attached flat against the dwelling, is permitted.
Trip Generation The use shall not involve significantly greater volumes or frequencies of deliveries or shipments, vehicular traffic, or pedestrian traffic than normally expected in a residential neighborhood.
Loading and Deliveries Deliveries associated with a home occupation may only be made between the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Environmental Impacts The use shall not create any offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, heat, or glare noticeable at or beyond the property line.
B. Prohibited Business Uses of the Home. The following uses, regardless of whether they meet the standards of this Section, are not permitted as business uses of the home:
  1. Veterinary offices or clinics, animal hospitals, or kennels;
  2. Equipment rental;
  3. Funeral homes or mortuaries;
  4. Medical or dental clinics;
  5. Repair or painting of automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, or other vehicles;
  6. Repair of large appliances (e.g., stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers);
  7. Repair of power equipment or small engines (e.g., lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws, string trimmers, generators, etc.);
  8. Restaurants;
  9. Vehicle sales;
  10. Welding or metal fabrication shops;
  11. Dispatching of vehicles to and from the residential premises (e.g., taxi services or towing services); and
  12. On-site retail sales, except incidental retail sales associated with services.
Home Business Compliance Signature

I have read the home occupations standards and understand I must comply with the stated standards and conditions listed above.