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Building Contractor

Building Inspection Policy on Contemporaneous Review of State of Colorado Issued Electrical Licenses.

Building Inspection Policy on Contemporaneous Review of State of Colorado Issued Plumbing Licenses.

The City of Arvada requires licensing for all contractors involved in the construction, alteration, remodeling, repairing and equipping of buildings and structures. Homeowners doing work on their personal private residence in which they are the owner and occupy the structure are not considered contractors and are not required to obtain a contractor license.  Homeowners doing work on residences that they own but do not occupy need to be licensed and/or hire a licensed contractor. Contractor Licenses are good for one year after license has been issued, you will need to re-apply every year.

Requirements for water heater installations: Please review the memo issued by the State of Colorado about the licensing requirements for contractors to install water heaters.


How to Apply:

Complete the application and submit to the Building Inspection Division Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Applications can  be submitted via e-mail, by fax 720-898-7603 or by mail 8101 Ralston Rd Arvada, CO 80001. Application will not be reviewed until all documentation has been submitted.

What you will need to apply:

1. Completed Application

2. Proof of Qualification (See the table below for license qualifications)

3. Affidavit

4. Payment

Qualifications for a Building Contractor License
License Type Work Allowed Qualifications Fee

Builder's Unlimited


Construct, erect, alter, repair or demolish any structural type or occupancy group.  Passing test from ICC N11 min or Licensed in a Colorado jurisdiction where you have tested.


Builder's Limited


Construct, alter, repair or demolish single-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, townhouses, condominiums and apartment buildings not exceeding three stories in height and not having more than seven dwelling units and not involving reinforced concrete above grade. The licensee may complete nonstructural interior finish or remodel of any type of building.  Passing test from ICC N12 min or Licensed in a Colorado jurisdiction where you have tested. $150

Builder's Miscellaneous


Construct, alter or repair non-habitable buildings or portions of habitable buildings or structures, such as private garages, carports, patios, sheds, basement finishes and non-structural remodel of residential occupancies, signs, swimming pools or fences. This license shall also allow minor nonstructural repair or remodel of less than two thousand ($2,000) valuation on any type of building. This license shall be issued to building demolition contractors.  Passing test from ICC N13 min or Licensed in a Colorado jurisdiction where you have tested. $75

Builder's Sub Contractor


This license shall be issued to those engaged in contracting for labor or for labor and material involving ONLY ONE TRADE, such as masonry, framing, drywalling, glazing, concrete flat work, irrigation systems, siding, elevator contractors, automatic fire protection systems, solar panel installation, installation of radon mitigation system, fire detection systems or burglar alarms, but shall not authorize any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work.   Passing test from ICC N12 min or 2 notarized letters.  $75

Homeowner's "Limited"


This license shall be issued to an individual and is limited to the building of a single family residence to be owned and occupied by the licensee. The licensee may perform all or part of the work personally or act as a general contractor; in either case, the licensee shall be fully responsible for the performance of all the work in accordance with the city's building codes and, further, shall pursue the completion of all work in an orderly and diligent manner. Documentation shall be submitted with the permit application to show that the individual owns the property to be built on and that if there is a construction loan; the loan is issued to the individual.    $50



This license shall entitle the holder to contract for and perform all work involving sanitary plumbing, potable water piping, the installation of plumbing appliances and apparatus and related plumbing work.  State of Colorado Master Plumber State of Colorado Contractor License $75



Erect, install or construct all mechanical systems, including hot water heating systems, air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, or install boilers, evaporative coolers, and sheet metal work. This license shall entitle the holder to replace boilers, and evaporative coolers, and all connections thereto. Other connections to the potable water system must be performed by either a state-licensed master plumber in the employ of the licensed mechanical contractor or city-licensed plumbing contractor unless specifically exempted in the Colorado State Plumbing Code. Line voltage electrical work must be done by a city-registered electrical contractor. Passing test from ICC or License from Colorado jurisdiction where you have tested. $75



Move any building or structure, subject to all applicable regulations of the city. Before a moving license is granted, the applicant shall file with the building official, a Certificate of Insurance in the same amounts and subject to the same requirements as for municipal contractors' licenses set forth in section 78-188   $75



This license shall entitle the holder to do roofing of any building or structure including nonstructural decking repair or replacement. Passing test from ICC or License from Colorado jurisdiction where you have tested. $75



To be qualified for registration as an electrical contractor, an applicant must hold a valid electrical contractor's license issued by the state according to C.R.S. § 12-23-101 et seq. State of Colorado Master Electrical State of Colorado Contractor License $0

Radio Amplification



This registration shall entitle the holder to do installation of radio amplification system with buildings. Certificate on in-building system trainging issued by nationally recognized organization, school or a certicate issued by a manufacture of the equipment being installed. $0

Issued Licenses:

Once all requested paperwork and qualifications are submitted, the license will be mailed to the address indicated on the application.



1. Do I need to submit address changes?

No. All address, phone number, email and phone updates to your contractor license can be done online at You will need to login to the system using your AEC license ID and your password that were set at time of licensing. The only time that you will need to submit information to the office is when there is a name change, or adding an additional signer to your permit.

2. Do I need to submit an application every year?

No. You will be able to renew your license with the City of Arvada whenever you have work in the City. It does not need to be renewed every year.


Contact Information

  •  Main Telephone Number:
  •  Street Address:
    8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002