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Apply for a New Business License

Please fill out and submit the application, below, for a business license. If you have any questions or concerns during the process, please contact us at 720-898-7100.

Online filing and payment processing is mandatory.


Business Information

Commercial Building
Private Residence
Located Out of City

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(Enter 'none' if you do not have a website)

Business Location Address (cannot accept a PO Box)

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Mailing Address (Tax Return)

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Online Filing Details
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Nature of Business

If you are a massage therapist, email a copy of your DORA Certificate to

Ownership Information

Select only one and complete the appropriate section below: *

Individual/Sole Proprietorship

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Corporation/Sub S Corp, Limited Liability Company, Partnership

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Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

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Other Business Information For Internal Use
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Filing Frequency Requested

Reporting Frequency is subject to change by the Finance Director.

Business Directory Listing

Please do not include my business in the Arvada Economic Development Association no cost business directory. I understand that the business directory will only include my business name, address, phone number and website. Home based businesses will not include a business address.

By signing this form, you are agreeing to the following: "I declare, under penalty of perjury, (1) that this application has been examined by me, (2) the statements are made in good faith pursuant to the City of Arvada tax laws and regulations and to the best of my knowledge and belief, are true, correct and complete, and (3) I am lawfully present in U.S. and will provide evidence of lawful presence if requested."


To sign this form, please type your first and last name in the box above.

Home Based Business Supplement

Yes     No

Yes     No

Arvada's Municipal Code on Home Occupations

5.3.4 Home Occupations

All permitted home occupations shall comply with the following standards and conditions:

  1. Development Standards
    1. The use is conducted entirely within the dwelling and not in any accessory building and is carried on only by inhabitants thereof and no others.
    2. The entrance to the space devoted to such use shall be from within the dwelling, unless otherwise required by state law or regulation.
    3. The use does not require internal or external alteration or involve construction features or use of mechanical equipment not customarily in a dwelling.
    4. No stock in trade is kept or commodities sold except such as are made on the premises. This does not include the storage of stock or commodities which are sold off the premises.
    5. The use does require internal or external alteration or involve construction features or use of mechanical equipment not customarily in a dwelling.
    6. The use is limited to electric motors for power, with a total limitation of three (3) horsepower.
    7. The use does not create any offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, heat or glare noticeable at or beyond the property line.
    8. The use shall not change the character of the dwelling or create outside the dwelling any external evidence, either on the property or on the street, of the operation of the home occupation, except for one non_illuminated sign, having an area of not more than one square foot, which shall be attached flat against the dwelling. A garage or other accessory building shall not be utilized for, or in conjunction with, a home occupation.
    9. There shall be no exterior/outside storage on the premises of material or equipment used as part of the home occupation.
    10. The use shall not create any significant traffic burden within the immediate area.
    11. All parking needs created by all home occupations shall be accommodated by offstreet parking and shall not exceed the parking capacity of the existing and available parking facilities located on the property. No more than two vehicles that are associated with the home occupations at the dwelling may be parked on_site at any one time.
Home Business Compliance Signature

I have read the home occupations municipal code 5.3.4 and understand I must comply with the stated standards and conditions listed above.