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Business Licenses

If you are doing business in Arvada, participating in a special event, operating a food truck or hosting a function you may need a business license, contractor license, liquor license, food truck permit or special event permit. Please be sure you have the appropriate licenses and/or permits...when in doubt please call and inquire at 720-898-7000

Business License Forms

Apply for or update your business license today! It is free, easy, and you can do it online. Visit licensing tools to get started. 


Whether you're working on an addition or conversion, just about any work on a structure in Arvada requires licensing. If you're a contractor, please explore Contractor licensing information.  


Whether you're having a special event or need a liquor license for your business, get the information you need for liquor licensing. 

Food Truck Vendors and Special Event Vendors

Food truck vendors and transient merchants must apply for a permit. Once approved and fees are paid to Planning, a business license will be issued which expires one year from date of issue. 

Special events are licensed at the event level, so individual participants are not required to have their own business license to participate. Event coordinators are responsible for providing tax returns to vendors. If you don't receive a return, please contact our office at 720-898-7100.

Short Term Rentals

If you are proposing to operate a short term rental in your home, in a room or rooms in your home, or in an accessory dwelling unit, you will need to apply for a short term rental license and a business license.

Tax Information

The City of Arvada is a home ruled city, which means we collect our own taxes. The city tax rate for sales and use tax is 3.46% The State of Colorado collects State, County and RTD tax.