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City's Facilities Closure Extended Until May 30 (Municipal Court, PD Community Stations open) On May 1, the City announced the extension of its facilities closures through May...
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Arvada Report

The Arvada Report is a bi-monthly newsletter published by the City of Arvada. It is distributed to all households and businesses in the City of Arvada.

Current Edition

The current edition is for April - May 2020 Between the time this edition went to print and was published, the coronavirus situation evolved rapidly. In this electronic version, we have provided an index outlining the changes to activities that we were aware of as of March 27. We will not be updating it as additional changes occur. Please visit websites specific to activities if you have further questions. 

2019 Previous Editions

2018 Previous Editions

2017 Editions

Past Years Editions

Whether you missed an edition or just want to browse previous Arvada Reports, you can easily access past editions online. Current archives include: