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Converged Data Center

Why IT is using Converged Data Center Technology

Data Center Rack

Over the years the city has made tremendous progress in the area of server and storage consolidation to better manage the increasing demands of these resources. Our current environment consists of:

  • More than 140 TB of shared disk space
  • 12 VM hosts consisting of 2.5 TB of memory
  • More than 230 virtual machines

Why virtual?

Utilizing virtual machines and virtual technologies has multiple benefits .  Management of resources becomes more  efficient, there's a reduced data center footprint which in turn requires less power for both cooling and physical server power load.  

While these are great benefits, the management of this current  infrastructure has become very expensive and complex as the needs for computing power continue to grow.

How can technology further improve resource efficiency in a data center?

Striving to use resources as efficiently as possible, the IT staff continues to stay abreast of industry changes.  In 2013 new opportunities arose that enabled us to make a shift and implement what we believe is the next generation of data center technology.

New Converged Data Center technology is currently being implemented as a way to  allow us to consolidate our data center computing even further with less complexity and higher functionality.   

What is this new Converged Data Center technology?

The new Converged Data Center technology that we are migrating towards has all the advantages of the shared disk space and VM host computing power but adds additional functionality of solid state drives, compression and deduplication of data, WAN optimization and the ability to leverage the public cloud for computing needs.

What does that mean?

All the technical functionality required to run applications, store data and deliver technical services can now be consolidated into a single consolidated appliance, which can be expanded to meet growth needs and is considerably simpler to manage than previous environments.

Why is that better?

By consolidating into one single appliance, we are able to eliminate many of the components that made the previous environment complex and expensive: the fiber channel switches, blade servers and SAN (storage) management which all became more complicated as the environment grew.

This simplified solution will allow our limited IT staff to efficiently manage the data center and continue with opportunities to focus on other innovative solutions to help the city staff.