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Feb 23, 2012 - Wind Storm Topples City's Largest Spruce and Damages Historic Allen House


The City of Arvada regrets to report that it lost its largest Blue Spruce located on public land during Wednesday night's wind storm. The 80-foot tree was located next to the Historic Allen House at West 64th Avenue and Quail Street. Wind gusts reaching 88 mph toppled the tree, which broke into three pieces; two of the pieces landed against the west side of the house, and the third landed on the east side of the house. City Forestry has removed the tree.

City of Arvada Facilities Manager Phil Hensley reported that the damage to the house was heavy with at least two branches going through the roof and one through the ceiling. Additionally, there was damage to a dormer, the fascia, the gutter, and the south wall. A three-foot section of the chimney was knocked down and landed upright, intact, on the west side of the house.

The Allen House, a City owned property, went through extensive renovations in 2010 to revitalize its historical structure and is currently being leased by PeaceJam.