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Utility Billing Reminders

The City of Arvada would like to share information about our utility billing practices and recent changes to bills associated with the City’s Waste and Recycling Program. 

Each year, some residents are surprised by their late summer water bill because it shows a big jump from the previous bill. There are several factors that can contribute to higher than average water utility bills:

  • Water utility bills are sent on a bimonthly schedule. The water use reflected on the bill is from the previous two months of usage. A bill received in September reflects usage in July and August. 

  • Utility rates are set in the fall of each year and the new rates start with January bills. Rates do not change during the year.

  • The City uses a tiered rate structure. Tier One covers a property's first 30,000 gallons of water. This is sufficient for typical indoor water usage. During outdoor watering season, some households will see their water usage move from Tier One to Tier Two or Three. Each rate tier increases the price per gallon of water used. 

  • You can view current water rates for 2021 at

The City has published information and conservation programs to assist residents in lowering their outdoor water use at

In addition, Waste and Recycling Program fees started to appear on residents’ utility bills in September 2021. Due to the billing cycles the City uses, individual properties may observe their program fees do not match up exactly with the monthly rates published by the City. For example, Waste and Recycling fees on your September bill may reflect six weeks of service not eight weeks so your fees would appear lower on your initial bill. 

Residents who pay their utility bills through the City’s online payment portal will see a difference between their paper bill and the amount due shown on the payment portal. In the online payment portal, the prefilled amount under "amount due" shows utility charges that are not yet due. The reason for the different amounts is due to the way waste and recycling fees are entered into the billing system. These fees are entered into the billing system as they occur, not as they are due for payment.

Please pay the amount due shown on your bill, not the prefilled amount in the online portal. If you pay the prefilled amount due, the difference will appear as a credit on your next billing statement.

Utility rates for 2022 will be published as soon as they are available. They are typically available by December each year. The City makes these rates available online and in the utility bill insert. 2022 rates will be reflected on January 2022 utility bills.

If you have questions about your City of Arvada utility bill, please contact Utilities Customer Service at 720-898-7070.