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COA Waste and Recycling Program on regular schedule The City of Arvada's Waste and Recycling Program is following the regular pick up schedule. There is no delay for the holiday. Please place your...
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Service Selection Underway for Arvada's Waste and Recycling Program

Within the next week, most eligible residents will have received a service-selection postcard in the mail; deadline for selection is April 16. Some residents have already received and made their service level selection.

 The City of Arvada, along with its contracted hauler, Republic Services, has completed the mailing of service selection postcards to residents as part of the City’s new Waste and Recycling Program. The deadline to select a level of service is April 16. Residents can make their selection by returning the postcard, visiting or calling 720-590-6667. Each postcard has a unique verification code that will allow the cart vendor to track each selection. Households that do not select a level of service by April 16 will automatically be enrolled to receive a 95-gallon trash cart.

“Service selection marks the next important step in rolling out Arvada’s waste and recycling service, which will benefit all Arvada residents,” said Mark Deven, City Manager. “The program will reduce wear and tear on our roads, and create less traffic and noise from trash trucks. It will also increase recycling and diversion of waste away from landfills to make Arvada a more sustainable community.”

Residents can choose between the following service levels:

  • Level 1—35-gallon trash cart (holds three 13-gallon waste bags) and 95-gallon recycling cart for $11.50 per month.

  • Level 2—65-gallon trash cart (holds six 13-gallon waste bags) and 95-gallon recycling cart for $15.63 per month.

  • Level 3—95-gallon trash cart (holds ten 13-gallon waste bags ) and 95-gallon recycling cart for $19.76 per month.

  • Minimum Service—Residents hire or maintain their own hauler for $5.13 per month. 

All residents, including HOA residents, will receive access to multiple bulky item and yard debris drop-off events throughout the year. These events, which will be scheduled and announced soon, will help reduce clutter around our neighborhoods, yards and households.

Service levels 1, 2 and 3 include weekly trash pickup, biweekly recycling pickup and on-demand bulk pickup for $15 per item. Additional recycling carts are available for $3.00 per month, and Level 3 customers can request an extra waste cart for $4.15 per month. Customers can make cart-size changes at no cost during the first six months of service and then make one cart size change at no cost per year afterward. A $15 per exchange fee will apply to cart exchanges made more than once per year.

Arvada residents who want to keep their current waste hauler must select Minimum Service. These customers can still enter the City’s program at a higher level at any time after the program begins by calling 720-898-7575 and selecting a new service level.

Households in HOA communities with current waste hauling contracts will not need to make a service selection. These residents will continue to receive waste hauling services provided by the HOA and will pay a 88 cent per month Minimum Service fee to access the bulky item and yard-debris services and to benefit from the communitywide recycling programs and reduction in truck traffic and noise.

It’s important that a resident at each Arvada household that receives a postcard makes a service selection by April 16. If the City does not receive a selection for an eligible household, the household will be automatically enrolled in Level 3 service and will receive a 95-gallon waste cart and a 95-gallon recycle cart in June. The City’s contractors will deliver carts to customers in June, and the first day of service will be July 5. Republic Services will send service calendars to participating customers in the coming weeks.Waste and Recycling service fees will begin appearing on City of Arvada water utility bills in September 2021. 

The City has developed Frequently Asked Questions to assist residents in decision making. For additional information and questions, Arvada residents can visit or contact the Customer Service line for Arvada at 720-898-7575.