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Second Graders Honor Arvada Police Through Drawings and Words



Second graders from across Arvada wrote about their appreciation of the police, and shared their artwork in a contest sponsored by the Citizen Police Academy Arvada Alumni (CPAAA) organization in honor of National Police Memorial Week, May 10-16 2009.

Members of the Arvada Police Department reviewed 60 nominations and chose three winners of the group.

“The entries were all very creative, and the students did an excellent job of expressing their appreciation for the work we do as police officers,” said Commander Ed Brady.

Three winners were recognized at the Arvada Police Department’s awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at the Arvada Center (6901 Wadsworth Blvd.)

Samuel Garner is a Thomson Elementary student. He wrote: "I appreciate the Arvada Police because they help kids when they are hurt. They help people follow the laws and remember them. Arvada police men and women risk their lives to protect us from bad people. It is great when they save people. I’m glad we have good police officers."

His picture shows an officer helping someone on the ground. The Flatirons are behind him.

Molly Mulhern is from Meiklehohn Elementary. She wrote:  "I appreciate the Arvada Police because they protect us. They teach us not to talk to strangers and not to get in their cars. They also find lost and starving kids and bring them to their parents. They also stop crimes so we don’t get hurt or robbed."

Her picture shows an officer in a patrol car arriving to help a child.

Jacob Sanders from Lawrence Elementary wrote: "I appreciate the police because when there are robbers running around, police can put them in jail. They keep me feeling safe."

His picture was one with the police car and truck with cash in it.



Citizen Police Academy Arvada Alumni Association

The CPAAA is comprised of graduates of the Arvada Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy. Members of the CPAAA offer support of the department through special events such as Officer Appreciation Week and serving as volunteers throughout the department.