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Qwest Awards Grant to Ralston House

The Qwest Family and Work Development Fund, a partnership of Qwest, the Communications Workers of America, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, awarded a $2,500 grant to Ralston House.


The grant money from Qwest will help cover the cost of printing Parent/Caregiver Handbooks that are provided to all caregivers with children served at Ralston House. It will also help fund Ralston House's community outreach efforts by helping defray the cost of training materials for community education on child sexual abuse.


Ralston House is a nonprofit agency that provides professional, comprehensive services for sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused children and their families in a safe place, so they can share their stories and begin to heal. In partnership with law enforcement, social services and the district attorney's office, Ralston House provides forensic interviews, medical services and victim/family support services. Ralston House also provides community outreach to help educate others about child abuse issues and how to help keep kids safe.


"In addition to assisting hundreds of children who visit Ralston House each year, the staff is dedicated to educating the community about the impacts of abuse and how to reduce the occurrence of this deplorable crime," said Donald Moseley, executive director of Ralston House.


Ralston House serves children living in Jefferson and Gilpin counties.