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Update: Quiet Zones Along Union Pacific 

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  • by City Manager

UPDATE: The United Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) quiet zones are nearing completion. Construction and mandatory testing have been completed and the signals have been found to be working properly. The City will submit final documents, referred to as Notice of Establishment, to the UPRR the week of December 4, 2017 for their review and approval. We anticipate this review will take 45-60 days. If the Notice of Establishment is approved by the UPRR the quiet zones will go into effect. The UPRR reserves the right to request additional information or conduct additional testing but we remain confident that all information is available to them.  Check back for updates.


In February 2017, the Arvada City Council authorized a $1.8 million agreement between the City and Union Pacific Railroad (UP), bringing the construction of Quiet Zones at four at-grade crossings (Lamar Street, Carr Street, Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, and W. 66th Avenue) one step closer.

In conjunction with UP, the City has been working on constructing these Quiet Zones since 2011 while residents in the vicinity anxiously await their completion. Union Pacific will schedule the installation of the necessary equipment at the crossings. It is anticipated they will complete this work in 2015, after which the City will hire a contractor to install new traffic signals and complete roadway improvements.

Quiet Zones will also be installed at all at-grade crossings on the Burlington Northern tracks as part of the Gold Line Commuter Rail project.