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New Arvada Post Office mural celebrates shared connections with loved ones far away

Artist Marco Antonio Garcia poses in front of his muralColorado-based artist Marco Antonio Garcia recently completed his new mural near the Allison Street Post Office in Arvada. Garcia has titled the mural “La Letra,” which means “the letter” in Spanish. The mural tells a story about the important connections we maintain with loved ones who live far away through the letters and packages we send in the mail.

“I wanted to connect it to the Post Office, but I also wanted it to have an important story,” Garcia said. “When I was younger, my mom used to send letters to my grandmother in Guadalajara, (Mexico). It’s hard to be away from your family, and if the only connection you have is this letter, then it’s really important.”

The mural project was proposed by an Arvada resident and was funded by the Arvada Arts and Culture Commission (AACC). The AACC opened a call for entries in July 2022 and chose Garcia following a competitive selection process that included 70 applicants. 

“The blank wall here before could really only be improved upon,” said AACC member Kimberly Wagner. “Looking at it (now), I love how dynamic and vibrant it is.”

The eight different animals depicted in the mural each represent a different chapter in one’s life. Each animal has its own symbol incorporated in the final letter at the end of the mural, a metaphor for how our experiences throughout our lives shapes who we are, Garcia said. 

Garcia hopes the mural is inspiring for the Arvada community. 

“It’s important for people to have art in their lives because it’s an energy. Energy is inspiring, and it’s necessary for our wellbeing,” he said. “It’s also letting the community know that we care about you. This is for you, it’s a gift for you.”


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