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Message from the Arvada Mayor and City Council

Dear Arvadans,

Your City Council remains shocked and deeply saddened by the violence that killed Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley and others, and that was witnessed by so many in our community. We also remain steadfast in our support for our Police Department and the City Team, and in our faith in the Arvada Community to come together to help each other through this extremely difficult time. We are grateful to the community members who helped protect each other during the violence and who are working now to provide mental health support and friendship to those most severely affected by this tragedy.

The loss of Officer Beesley is heartbreaking. The City’s 2014 Employee of the Year, he was a hero who continually demonstrated dedication and kindness in service to our community. Officer Beesley never hesitated to answer the call of duty, including yesterday afternoon.

Those who have not served in the line of duty can never appreciate what it’s like to put one’s life on the line as a requirement of one’s job. However, we can and do appreciate that service and the tremendous sacrifice that our public safety professionals are willing to make on our behalf.

To borrow from a speech delivered at the annual Fallen Heroes ceremony several years ago by Police Chief Link Strate, Officer Beesley’s service is “what we mean when we talk about the ultimate sacrifice.” We remain “grateful and amazed that we continue to find brave, young men and women who are willing to do this work that commits them to a life of service.”

The City Council stands with our Police, who even now are working tirelessly to keep our community safe.

We stand with you and the Arvada community. We understand that yesterday’s events have been extremely difficult for the rest of our City team, our community partners and the entire community, particularly the people visiting or working in the Olde Town area. Our thoughts are also with the Oberon Middle School community, where Officer Beesley built so many enduring relationships.

Officer Beesley had a motto: “Look for the good in every day.” Your City Council views this as a call to action to our community. Now, more than ever, we must pull together and support each other through this difficult time. Despite what happened yesterday, Arvada remains a community of neighbors and friends. We will follow Officer Beesley’s example, and we will continue to find and grow what is good in our community.