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City of Arvada launches Olde Town Parking Finder platform with Modii

The City of Arvada is excited to launch its Modii Parking Finder Platform.  Utilizing this proprietary technology, the City can continue to improve the ability to serve commuters in Arvada. Arvada selected Modii to establish its digital infrastructure of curbside and off-street parking assets, as well as to implement a parking utilization dashboard. This will help the City in the analysis, planning and management of parking in the area.

“The City of Arvada chose Modii as a technology provider for our curbside inventory and garage occupancy dashboard due to their ability to interface with different data sources. The ability of their system to integrate the current parking technologies of our parking operation, and future technologies we may implement as the operation expands was a key component to their selection,” said Derek Fern, Travel Demand Management and Parking Coordinator, City of Arvada.

As part of the launch, Modii has created a comprehensive Olde Town Parking Finder for drivers that visualizes real-time parking assets by displaying:

  • free parking areas, 
  • paid parking areas, 
  • no parking zones,
  • accessibility parking spaces and 
  • a live and predicted availability count in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Olde Town Transit Hub Garage. 

Designed for smartphones (and accessible from any device), the Arvada Parking Finder makes it easy for drivers to quickly find a parking space, avoid circling for parking and eliminate the uncertainty that can lead to fines for parking incorrectly. While this provides a notable impact towards alleviating traffic congestion in the city, it also helps to improve the overall parking experience for commuters via real-time information on parking availability.

“We are very excited to partner with such an innovative city such as Arvada to greatly improve the parking experience for drivers,” said Mark Frumar, President of Modii. He added, “By making the parking identification process easier for drivers, we’re making their lives easier by giving them time back in their day that they would otherwise spend in the frustrating search for parking.”

The Arvada Parking Finder also provides information on parking rules, regulations, and restrictions, as well as parking fees and limits. Drivers can search for parking by destination, intersection, or landmark, and can also customize their parking needs by filtering for the specific parking they require.

The Modii Parking Intelligence Dashboard (Modii PI) has been designed to address the daily operations needs of Arvada’s parking infrastructure by:

  • providing valuable insights on parking utilization data and information
  • allowing regulations to be easily updated in cases of street events or construction impacts, ensuring drivers are always aware of any changes to parking availability
  • generating detailed utilization reports for partner agencies such as RTD, automating the process of preparing the monthly reports by the Parking Administration Team
  • assisting officials to better manage parking in the city using real-time data on parking availability and usage to make informed decisions in the optimal deployment of parking resources and allocation of parking spaces and restrictions 
  • helping to improve the overall efficiency of parking in the city
  • ensuring that drivers have the up-to-the-minute information to access the parking they need.

The free Arvada Parking Finder is available to use by anyone in search of parking or seeking to better understand Arvada’s curbside regulations. 

To view the Arvada Parking Finder visit