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Community Engagement with Speak Up Arvada

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City governments all over the world are changing the way they manage their cities by asking for input from residents and business owners and including it in their decision-making processes. The Arvada City Council is excited to embark on that journey with Arvadans by inviting them to Speak Up Arvada!

What is Speak Up Arvada?

Speak Up Arvada is an engagement platform designed to allow community input on a range of topics/projects that will help shape the future of Arvada. Please visit the Speak Up Arvada Engagement Platform:

 Speak Up Arvada


The Launch of Speak Up Arvada: a Shared Vision

Arvada City Council is in the process of updating their strategic goals through 2026. The launch of Speak Up Arvada and the initial phase of projects are designed for community members to share their vision with City Council on matters such as:

  • Development/Housing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Information Sharing/Transparency
  • Infrastructure/Mobility
  • Parks/Open Space/Gathering Spaces

We will gather, analyze and share all the feedback with City Council and the community in late November.

What Then?

In December and beyond, we will continue to invite you to Speak Up Arvada to continue to share your input and feedback on new questions and topics that are important to Arvada's future.


For more information regarding the Speak Up Arvada Community Engagement Platform, contact the City Manager's Office: 720-898-7500 or email the community engagement team at