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Police Make Arrest in Multiple Car Break-ins

Thomas Kimber

Arvada Police Make Arrest in Multiple Car Break-ins 

The Arvada Police Department recently arrested Thomas Kimber (DOB 11.18.77) in several First Degree Criminal Trespass (FDCT) cases.

On September 28, police received a call at 8:07 A.M. from someone in the vicinity of 50th and Sheridan.  The caller stated someone was getting into a neighbor’s truck. The caller’s husband followed the male suspect who was seen carrying an orange duffel bag. When officers arrived, the suspect had disappeared.

The Arvada Police took another call at 8:51 A.M. regarding an in-progress FDCT in the area of 66th and Depew. Officers responded and a perimeter set. The suspect was seen stealing a bike and was observed riding west on 67th. The suspect abandoned the bike and began running through yards and over fences. Officers gave chase and apprehended the suspect in a backyard at 66th Avenue and Lamar Street.

During a field identification, Kimber was positively identified by one of the trespass victims. A reddish/orange bag was recovered and contained several items, some of which was identified by victims on scene.

Kimber was taken back to police headquarters and when interviewed by detectives, admitted to approximately 10-20 trespasses. He also admitted to selling or trading the items immediately to support his drug habit.

Arvada Police had previously warned neighbors about a series of car and garage break-ins over the summer. A public awareness campaign, including community meetings, flyers and community outreach was launched.

“We are confident that we have arrested at least one of the individuals responsible for the rash of break-ins in Arvada,” said Detective Mantych. “It is by our community members being vigilant and reporting suspicious behavior that we were able to arrest one of the perpetrators. It’s an effective partnership.”


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