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Open Garages Are an Open Invitation to Crooks

Are you breaking out your gardening tools to work in your yard with the return of spring?

Leaving your garage door open is an open invitation to crooks looking to steal your property.

Open garage burglaries are a crime of opportunity resulting in thousands of dollars in losses for Arvada residents each year.

There were 89 open garage burglaries reported in Arvada in 2010. Items taken included bikes, golf clubs and tools to name a few of the items. In some of the incidents suspects rifled through cars parked in garages to steal wallets, iPods, GPS devices and other items of value stashed inside vehicles.

Another problems associated with open garages is that the door leading to the house is oftentimes left unlocked, leaving the homeowner even more vulnerable. An Arvada resident reported she had 87 pieces of jewelry taken when someone entered her home through an open garage.

One of the best ways to keep your property safe is to check to ensure your garage door is shut and to always lock the door from your garage to your house.

Also, call the police to report suspicious people in your neighborhood through the non-emergency line at 720-898-6900.

Police say there have been a number of arrests because citizens called police to report suspicious activity in their neighborhood which ultimately resulted in police catching a thief.