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Keeping the Holidays Jolly for Your Pets

The Holiday season is here! And while you’re rushing about preparing for the coming feasts and celebrations with family, don’t forget the safety of your pets. The following tips may come in handy: 

  • A Christmas Tree should be firmly secured so it cannot fall over.  Also, spilled tree water containing fertilizer can cause painful stomach upsets for pets if they drink it.
  • Tinsel, Ornaments and Confetti can be very appealing to cats. Tinsel and confetti can be dangerous if swallowed and fallen ornaments are easily broken, which can injure their paws.
  • Holiday Foods and Leftovers, especially fatty, spicy foods and bones, should not be a part of your pets’ diets - intentionally or accidentally.
  • Toys for Dogs should be chosen with care. Stick to indestructible chew toys.
  • Toys for Cats might include a new ball that’s too large to swallow or a catnip stuffed toy.
  • Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettias’ consumption can cause serious medical problems.  Choose artificial plants instead.
  • Candles should never be left unattended.  (This is a tip to keep your pets safe as well as your home in general.)
  • Noise and Celebration can be overwhelming for pets. Find a quiet place for your pets to retreat when family and friends come to visit.

As a reminder, the Foothills Animal Shelter is in need of gifts to help their four-legged guests this “howliday” season. You can drop off the donations and visit their new site at 580 McIntyre Street.

  • Gift cards to PetsMart, Petco, Target & Wal Mart
  • 9 Volt batteries for microchip scanners
  • KMR milk replacement supplement
  • Kong toys (all sizes)
  • Cardboard tubes from paper towel, toilet paper or wrapping paper rolls.
  • Science Diet canned kitten food
  • Newspaper
  • Curtain rod rings (kitten toys)
  • Cat toys (not with catnip)
  • Bleach
  • Step stools
  • Paper towels