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July 27 2018 Two Big Projects No New Taxes

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(Arvada, CO) – At their August 27 meeting, the Arvada City Council will be voting as to whether to place an issue on the November 2018 ballot to authorize the issuance of debt without ANY increase in taxes.

The Colorado Constitutional provision known as TABOR (Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights) requires that voters must approve whether local government can issue debt—essentially, borrow money. In Arvada’s case, the City Council may be asking voters to approve issuing debt in order to complete two major transportation projects which otherwise could take decades to complete and would be more costly due to inflation.

The two transportation projects being considered are:

  • Improvements to Ralston Road between Garrison St. and Yukon St.:  $15.3 million
  • Improvements to W. 72nd Ave. between Kipling St. and Simms St., including an underpass at the railroad tracks near Oak St.:  $64.5 million

The City Council is hosting a Telephone Town Hall to answer questions regarding the potential ballot measure.

  • Residents with landline: Will be called through an automated system and invited to participate.
  • No landline or no automated call received: Call toll free 1-877-229-8493 and enter PIN 117601.
  • Text-to-Register option: Anyone wanting to join the call from a mobile phone. Text ARVADA to 828282. This text may be sent at any time leading up to the August 8 phone call.