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Jefferson Parkway BOD Selects Finalists toward Potential Parkway Partnership

ARVADA, CO - On Thursday, December 20, the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA) Board of Directors selected three teams from among five submissions to move to the request for proposal phase for the construction of the Jefferson Parkway. The teams are:

  • Jefferson Beltway Connection Partners (Kiewit, DIF and Northleaf as principals)
  • Jefferson Expressway Group (ACS, Hochtief, Flatiron, WSP as principals)
  • Colorado Front Range Connectors (Shikun & Binui, AECOM, John Laing as principals)

Each team brings substantial financial capacity, proven engineering expertise, significant construction experience, and knowledgeable operations and maintenance personnel that will be needed in a regional infrastructure project of this size.

“The responses received by JPPHA to this project demonstrates that there is substantial interest in the completion of the Jefferson Parkway as a public private partnership to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain the Parkway,” said Chairman David Jones.  “We believe that this project can be done as a 100% revenue risk transfer to the private sector that will not rely on the tax payer to subsidize the construction or operations of the road.”

The next step is for JPPHA to formally issue a Request for Proposal in the next 60 to 75 days. Each of the three teams will develop detailed engineering and construction plans, their plan of finance and operations and other information as a formal response that will be submitted in late October 2019. One preferred team will be identified and they will negotiate with JPPHA for a long term agreement to build and operate the project. The Jefferson Parkway will operate as a toll road, and is expected to begin construction early in 2020. Construction is anticipated to take two years.

About JPPHA 

The Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority was created in May 2008 by Arvada, Broomfield and Jefferson County to pursue development of the last unbuilt segment of the Denver metro beltway system without the need for Federal funding and provide enhanced mobility throughout the northwest metro region. For more information, visit