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City's Facilities Closure Extended Until May 30 (Municipal Court, PD Community Stations open) On May 1, the City announced the extension of its facilities closures through May...
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Jan 2,  2007:   Arvada Recovers from Back-to-Back Storms

Arvada, CO……. Most likely, remnants of the late December, 2006 blizzards will be visible for weeks.  Arvada residents can anticipate the following over the next days and weeks as the area recovers from these back-to-back blizzards:

  • Attention will continue to be paid to arterials and collectors.  School routes are a high priority as school will return to session on January 9.  Areas that are hilly, shaded, etc. will also receive more attention.  Particular concern will be paid to drainage systems in order to prevent ponding and ice.  Any concerns about plugged drains should be called in to the City’s snow line at 720-898-7725.  Callers should leave a message with their name, phone number and an address or cross street location of the plugged drain.  Calls will not be returned unless the plow dispatcher needs additional information. 
  • Emergency access for police, fire, and paramedic are paramount.  In the event that emergency equipment cannot access an area, response will be coordinated with the necessary equipment.
  • Residents should not expect additional plowing on residential streets unless conditions are hazardous. Given the City's experience from the December 20 blizzard, and the thaw/freeze cycles that followed, there will certainly be areas that will require more attention. Efforts will be made to smooth over rough patches and ensure that all roads are passable (snow compacted in at least one lane, safely navigable by a vehicle with regular snow tires), but residents should not expect streets to be plowed to asphalt. 
  • Residents can call the City's snow line at 720-898-7725 if they have areas of particular concern.  Residents that live along streets that do require additional plowing must understand that their driveways and sidewalks may be re-impacted by the snow left over from the plows.
  • The City does not plow on private property—parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, etc. If a resident is in need of snow plowing they are encouraged to contact private contractors for that service. 
  • City parks crews will be working to clear trail corridors.
  • Residents and businesses are reminded that the sidewalks adjacent to their property must be cleared within 24 hours of any snow event.  It is particularly critical that areas around school bus stops be shoveled.  Shoveled snow should not be put in any City right of way nor should it block any sidewalk. We ask that residents and businesses be considerate of their aging and/or medically frail neighbors and clear their walks.
  • Potholes may become an issue over the next few days.  City crews are aware of problems along Kipling; those are scheduled for repair on January 2.  If residents notice potholes they are encouraged to call the pothole hotline at 720-898-7723; repairs will be made as soon as possible.
  • Residents are advised that problems with trash pickup are not caused by the condition of sidestreets, but rather by the fact that trash companies are still trying to catch up from the delays caused by the storms.  Customers are asked to call their trash company directly for updates.