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Improving Policing with Technology: The New Police Department Intranet (PDI)

The Department of Innovation and Technology Management and the City of Arvada Police Department worked together to develop a new Intranet for our public safety employees. 

The project was intended to ensure that staff had safe, reliable, and secure access to public safety information.

Project Results

The Police Department Intranet (PDI) was launched in July of 2013. The first-quarter results of the project are now in, and we are proud to share the news!

  • Our public safety employees are able to collaborate more easily.
    • Our staff are able to share information more easily.
    • Compared to the previous Intranet, user engagement has gone up almost 800%. 
    • Almost half of our public safety staff are actively contributing content for their colleagues.
  • Public safety data is more secure than ever.
  • Our employees are happy. The vast majority of staff who use the new PDI say it helps them to do their jobs and get the information they need.

The PDI is helping our public safety employees better contribute to and access important information. With better information, we can better serve our community.

A Few Technical Notes

  • We leveraged open-source technology. This helped us to keep costs down. Examples include: 
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • PHP
    • MySQL
  • We used in-house development.  This helped us to ensure that we had a 100% custom solution for our public safety staff.

The Full Report

If you are interested in reading more about our project please download our first-quarter report:

PDF Document The City of Arvada Police Department Intranet (PDI): Improving Collaboration, Data, and Public Safety.