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Foster Elementary School Burglarized, Officer Attacked


In the early morning hours on the 4th of July, Arvada police officers responded to an alarm at Foster Elementary School at 5300 Saulsbury Street. 

Three suspects were running from the elementary school as the officers arrived.  One female suspect was immediately apprehended.  Officers engaged in a foot chase after the other suspects.

As one of the male suspects was fleeing, he turned and sprayed one of the Arvada police officers in the face with a canister of O.C. spray, also known as pepper spray.  The officer continued pursuing Barry until becoming overwhelmed by the pepper spray chemicals.

The Arvada police officer was treated at the scene by Pridemark Ambulance paramedics.

Arvada Police Department’s canine was brought to the school.  K9 Matzo tracked to the front door of the suspect’s residence where Jeremy Barry, age 21, was subsequently arrested.

Foster Elementary School suffered extensive graffiti damage to the building. 

Along with Barry, who was arrested for the burglary and for the assault on the police officer, three other juveniles were arrested for the burglary and damage to the school.