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Feb 25,  2011 - Arvada Ranks Sixth in Nation's Most Active Cities

Arvada, CO ……  TIME Healthland, the online collection of health related articles from TIME Magazine, has identified the 15 most active cities in the United States, and Arvada is number six!

The list is based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Using census data and CDC data collected from 2007 – 2009 as part of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, researchers  estimated the percentage of adults who got no physical activity during their leisure time in each of the nation’s 3,141 counties.  “There were clear trends of idleness by geographic area,” Healthland’s article states. “The mountainous and coastal regions of the West and Rocky Mountain area showed the lowest rates of lassitude — suggesting high rates of fitness.”  Four of the top 15 cities are in Colorado. 

In choosing the top 15 most active cities, Healthland looked at counties with the lowest levels of inactivity, and then determined which major cities lay within them.  “Many of the top 15 most active cities have certain characteristics in common. With few exceptions, they are located in the Western U.S. and tend not to be huge megalopolises. They have an abundance of recreational outdoor space and are predictably located near popular recreational areas — exactly the kind of cities you'd probably move to, if being active and outdoorsy were a priority,” Healthland’s online article states.  The top 15 cities are:               

15.       Aurora, CO

14.       Salinas, CA

13.       Seattle, WA

12.       Chapel Hill, NC

11.       Denver, CO

10.       Santa Rosa, CA

9.         Bellingham, WA

8.         Burlington, VT

7.         Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

6.         Arvada, CO

5.         Boise, ID

4.         Santa Cruz, CA

3.         Medford, OR

2.         Santa Fe, NM

1.         Boulder, CO

About Arvada, Healthland said:  “This city serves as a bedroom community for Boulder and Denver and, as a result, is a popular residence of many of the same outdoorsy types. What have they got that people in Boulder and Denver don’t? The Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge and Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge.”

TIME Healthland is the health section of Healthland allows the reader to find all of TIME’s health-related articles in one, well organized location as opposed to the previous style where health articles were scattered throughout the whole website.