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Councilmember Bob Fifer Elected as Vice Chair of DRCOG

Arvada, CO……. Arvada City Councilmember Bob Fifer was elected Vice Chair of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) Board of Directors at its Feb. 21, 2018 meeting. Bob Fifer

Joining Fifer on the 2018 Board of Directors is Westminster Mayor Herb Atchison as Chair, Parker City Councilmember John Diak as Secretary, and Louisville City Councilmember Ashley Stolzmann as Treasurer. Bob Roth, Aurora City Councilmember, will serve as immediate past chair.

Fifer has represented Arvada on the DRCOG Board of Directors since December 2013.


The Denver Regional Council of Governments in a planning organization where local governments collaborate to establish guidelines, set policy and allocation finding in the areas of:

  • Transportation and personal mobility
  • Regional growth and development
  • Aging and disability resources