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COA Waste and Recycling Program on regular schedule The City of Arvada's Waste and Recycling Program is following the regular pick up schedule. There is no delay for the holiday. Please place your...
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City Provides High-Level Timeline for Organized Waste Hauling, First Step Is in February

In an effort to raise the community’s awareness of Residential Waste and Recycling Collection program, the City of Arvada is providing updated information about program milestones and when eligible residents can choose their desired level of participation, including a minimum service level that allows them to contract with other haulers. There is no action for residents to take now. The first opportunity to select service levels will be in February 2021. The new waste hauling service will begin in July 2021. 

In February, residents who are expected to participate in the City’s Residential Waste and Recycling Collection program will receive a series of mailings introducing the program. Residents will be able choose their cart size or to hire their own hauler and pay a minimum service fee. Other important steps in the program include:

  • Carts will arrive at participating households in June.

  • The organized waste hauling service will begin in July.

  • In September, waste collection fees (or a minimum service fee) will be included in residents’ water utility bills.

Arvada residents care about efficient services and good value, and with a majority of residents consistently calling for improved waste hauling service with more recycling options, the City Council directed the City team to explore ways to decrease costs and increase recycling options for most residents. After more than 18 months of research and public input, Council approved an organized waste hauling system for Arvada. The expected benefits of organized waste hauling include:

  • Fewer trucks on our roads with reduced wear and tear on our streets and reduced air and noise pollution. 

  • Lower costs for most residents.

  • Broad access to more affordable recycling. 

  • Better customer service for residents.

In February, eligible households will choose from one of four available waste hauling service levels and related monthly fees: 

  • $19.76 for a 95 gallon cart + 95 gallon recycling cart

  • $15.63 for a 65 gallon cart + 95 gallon recycling cart

  • $11.50 for a 35 gallon cart + 95 gallon recycling cart

  • $5.13 for minimum service (no carts, choose your own hauler) 

While residents are encouraged to participate, households may choose to not participate in the waste hauling program by paying a minimum service fee of $5.13 per month. The fee includes access to citywide bulk drop off events and yard waste events.

Households that do not select a level of service will automatically receive the largest available waste cart.

Residents who have questions about how the system will work or who would like to express their points of view regarding the new system are invited to do so at The City has also launched a telephone hotline (720-898-7575) to provide updates about the program to those without reliable online access.

For more information on the project, including next steps for implementation, visit